Happy Fall Weimaraner Lovers!


Cool weather brings out the hunt in all of us!!



Stay Tuned for upcoming events! 


Any questions, please contact us at:  wcgkc@yahoo.com



"Grey Ghosts we all are

Blue and Silver we appear

Come join in our fun!"

- haiku by Wendy







Come Play with us!!!


We would love to meet you
and your dogs!


And as always - if you've any questions about our club, the breed, or are in search of a reputable breeder to procure your very own Weimaraner, please feel free to contact us at WCGKC@YAHOO.COM

Weimaraners can be demanding, energetic, loving, and also be the best friend you will ever have! Its through all this that our club was formed.  Our goal is to ensure the public learns everything there is to know about this beautiful breed!

For Club Information, Weimaraner Breed Information, or Local Club Member Breeder Referral, please contact the WCGKC through it's secretary, Laura Roehrich at: wcgkc@yahoo.com or call her at 913-385-0815  *All long distance calls will be returned to the caller collect*

When you join this club you make so many new friends. No matter how far apart we are, support it is just a phone call or an email away. We share ideas, study other weims, and are able to learn about the different breeders in our area and across the country. You can learn so much by just being able to ask questions and no question is treated as if it is of no importance.

A new member can learn the breeds standard and see the standard in action through exhibitors in the club. You'll be exposed to the growth and development of puppies by watching the many litters of reputable breeders grow and develop into well rounded examples of the breed.

With membership, you can tap into the process of proper care and training and can help new members with health issues, vaccinations, and explain how and why weims are so different from other breeds. The club members are people who care. Members welcome the opportunity to advise and make sure that new members have the knowledge they need to learn all they can about the breed. No one is turned away from this learning process.

If you own a Weimaraner, or are thinking about getting one, and live near the Kansas  City Metro area we would like to invite you to attend one of our meetings!  Please feel free to call,  email or check the calendar of events page for more information and the next meeting's time/location. The Weimaraner Club of Greater Kansas City and it's members follow the  WCA/WCGKC Code of Ethics.

Come play with us!!!

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